UEFA and FedEx football pitch

Red Deporte, in collaboration with FedEx, the UEFA Foundation for Children and streetfootballworld, has reached a major milestone in Cañada Real, by building a first-rate football pitch in one of the poorest areas of Spain. Carlos Marchena, retired international football player with the Spanish team, European championship and world cup, took part in the inauguration ceremony and conducted a training session to the delight of all of the children and attendees. The new and completely functional ground can be considered without a doubt ‘the sporting jewel of Cañada’ regarding sports and recreation facilities.

Members of UEFA, FedEx Cares and the organizations who work in Cañada were present at the ground’s inauguration ceremony. Among the various activities, the different social agents and commissioners gave welcome speeches; there was an inaugural match, a dance recital and cante flamenco and gift-giving, accompanied by food and drink for all in attendance.

Pascal Torres, the general secretary of the UEFA Foundation for Children, said: ‘It’s clear that tools like football can be powerful in uniting communities. Also, playing football creates an ideal atmosphere for children from different places to integrate, learn and develop. We’re delighted to extend access to football for all of the children and that through our joint work we’ve been able to offer the opportunity to grow and play together in a safe way to children from diverse communities’.

Before the inauguration, the volunteers from FedEx Cares took place in the restoration of the stand that’s next to one of the sides of the pitch, painting it in beautiful colours and clearing the adjacent space of rubbish and weeds.

Red Deporte is grateful for the collaboration of all of the volunteers, the presence of the Commissioners of Cañada Real, UEFA members, Ten Cate, FedEx Cares volunteers, as well as Vladimir Borkovic as a representative of streetfootballworld and Ian Silverton on behalf of FedEx Spain for the chance to be involved at all times throughout the event. Without forgetting Carlos Marchena for his generous presence at this unforgettable event, this will mark a before and after in football as an educational tool in Cañada Real.