In June 2018, the Torrelodones Rugby Club has dedicated itself to welcome Red Deporte in its annual party, and for that purpose has invited to take part the young people of Red Deporte, introducing them in this noble sport. We have participated in playful dynamics with the oval ball and participating in a Tag Rugby match, a modality that considerably reduces contact and is easy to learn and of course, very fun!
Héctor Colmenares, promoter of the initiative, expressed his satisfaction of working with this initiative, since «rugby is unique because it integrates in the field all those who want to play it, without distinction of age, sex or play in mixed teams. It is a sport that is based on very important values such as respect, honesty, passion, solidarity or discipline, which are inculcated since you start playing.
In addition, he believes it is especially important to involve children and young people at risk of marginalization, and that «playing and growing with those values makes that when you are in the real world you take them printed in your behavior, helping us to be better. It was very nice to see how they integrated with the other kids and with very little knowledge of the rules and even though it’s a tough sport, they were one more on the field, there was no difference, that’s solidarity, that’s rugby.
From Red Deporte we are grateful for having been able to be part of this initiative, which has also had the support of IBM. The Torrelodones Rugby Club has also shown interest in taking further steps in collaboration with Red Deporte from the 2019-2020 season.