New Football Pitch in Cañada Real

Red Deporte has built a new football field in sector six of Cañada Real for the enjoyment of children and young people living in this neighbourhood of Madrid. This construction has been carried out with the active participation of the young people of Cañada and using recycled and low-cost materials.

To prepare the field, they cleaned the land and its surroundings, waste, debris and stones accumulated for years. They repaired nets, goals and made the layout of field lines. The most complex part has been the construction of the grandstand, based on tires painted in bright colours, giving a very cheerful touch to an environment that is in a remarkable degree of deterioration.

This same stand has served to prevent the entry of motorcycles and cars that previously circulated dangerously through the football field.

All this long and expensive process, culminated with an unforgettable opening day, with the presence of CD Canillas team, who played two football matches with our Cañada teams.

The allocation of this field is part of the intervention of Red Deporte in this neighbourhood of Madrid and complements the artificial grass pitch built by Red Deporte in 2016, also in sector six of Cañada.

Red Deporte works in Cañada Real to incorporate sports activity to the educational process and integration of the children and youth of this neighbourhood of Madrid.