Fútbol Emoción join forces with Red Deporte to improve our field programs

The prestigious chain of stores and one of the largest online platforms for the sale of sports equipment, Fútbol Emotion, collaborates with Red Deporte in a campaign to support our programs by collecting sports equipment and attracting members to Red Deporte.

With this program we hope to have sports material for the programs we carry out in the three main intervention points of Red Deporte, Spain, Cameroon and Zambia.

All those people who buy sports equipment will have the opportunity to collaborate with Red Deporte.

«We believe that with our visibility on the Internet and our stores we can involve many soccer players in Spain to do their bit to make everyone enjoy the sport we love so much regardless of their financial resources. And that’s why we found Red Deporte, whose scope, variety of projects and ease of collaboration fitted 100% with what we needed to start this project that we hope will last for many years «says Héctor Mainar, manager of Fútbol Emotion.

More information at https://www.futbolemotion.com/es/futbol-everywhere