Team Up! Project to support employability through football

Red Deporte with seven other European organisations, is evolving a program called ‘Team Up! for Employability’. The goal of this program is to improve the employability of young people in vulnerable situations. Young people who are not in education, employment, or training are colloquially called “NEETs.” For the majority of NEETs, the challenge of employability is not lack of technical training or education but the attitude, motivation or development of personal skills and competencies.

We have created a guide to support organisation of soft skills strengthening programs such as assertive communication, confidence and resilience, necessary to overcome the challenges of obtaining a stable and dignified job.

This program is supported by the European Commission. The consortium is comprised of the following organisations: Red Deporte, Albion in the Community, Sports for Life, Rhein Flanke, Cais, Sport dans la Ville, Oltalom, Sari and streetfootballworld, in the role of the program coordinator.