During the month of February 2019, the Sand Games Project was launched, supported by the European Commission under the line of Erasmus+ projects. The aim of this project is to develop good practices using sand sports to advance inclusion and enhance employability among young European refugees.
Sand Games offers a differential and very original element to achieve this objective: to value the space offered by natural environments such as beaches or rivers, or artificial, as a space for play, education, leisure and integration, under a common element: playing in the sand.
The curtain of the project was opened in the city of Kavala, home of the coordinating partner, Pythia KOINSEP (Greece). The meeting was attended by Corporate Games (Romania), MSV Basket (Italy) and Red Deporte (Spain) as project partners. As part of the activities, the relevant presentations of each participating entity were made, and the precious logo that will preside over this project for two years was unveiled.
In this meeting we had the opportunity to visit the coastal areas in which, in 18 months will take place the final event of the project Sand Games, to which the organizations with our respective teams and delegations will go to Kavala. The participants in this meeting had the opportunity to check the adequacy of this environment and make the necessary observations to make it a success.