Football Festival in Cologne!

Once again football showed us its great capacity to help have a better world, this time during the football3 Festival held in the city of Cologne, Germany, from September 14 to 18 of this year, an event in which Red Deporte He was present with the participation of our collaborator Alonso Berrelleza.

The event began with the formation of Young Leaders (Young Leaders), from various NGOs in Europe, for the application of football3, a unique way to take advantage of football to learn important life lessons and generate positive changes in society

Under an environment of great fun, with touches of sun and rain, more than 100 girls and boys from Europe, but also from other regions of the world such as Asia and Africa, participated in the football3 tournament and in the different dynamics, where they learned about the importance of respecting agreements, making decisions and working as a team.

Congratulations to Streetfootball World and to Rhein Flanke for this great event!