Lyon Festival

Red Deporte participated in the Lyon Festival, by sending a delegation and its corresponding football team, within the framework of the Euro 2016 tournament contested in France. The edition of this festival was possibly the biggest event in football as a tool for social change held to date. Organizations from all over the world came to Festival 16, all members of the streetfootballworld Network.

Teams from 30 countries around the world participated in a Championship that promoted dialogue and peace through football, the football3 way. Workshops, presentations and institutional events were carried out with important personalities from the sport at the European level. During Festival 16, Red Deporte, along with other partners, presented the program Team up! For employability through football. The festival was held at the premises of the French entity ´Sport dans la Ville´.

The team from Spain, represented by Red Deporte, relied on Keiti as a young leader and Sara, Maria, Diego, and Victor who played great roles on and off the football field, offering their warmth and friendship and receiving an equal response in this incredible experience shared with young people from the five continents.