‘Football3 for Respect’ gets the ball rolling

“Football3 for Respect” is a consortium of 13 European organisations working in the field of football for development. Red Deporte has the privilege of being part of this consortium. The program lays the first brick of the future construction of a tool that complements the current methodology, developed by streetfootballworld, the coordinating organisation of the program.

The objective of this consortium is to expand the benefits of football3 at the national and European level. Over two years we will implement this method in Spain and across Europe with the aim to develop capacity building in dialogue, leadership and initiative among the youth. The Football3 method divides the game into three parts: in the first part both teams discuss the rules of the game together, they are encouraged to change the classic football rules in order to achieve higher inclusion and fairness; the second part consists of the match playing itself, and; in the third part, both teams are encouraged to reflect on the rules they created, evaluate the game and discuss what happened on the pitch. Mediators lead the discussion’ dynamic by minimal intervention; the players take on the leading role. The methodology is highly inclusive since it actively promotes female participation in an equal manner.