In March 2019, Samuel Eto´o had the opportunity to share an unforgettable day with the young people who take part in the Red Deporte program in Cameroon. The meeting took place in Yaoundé, and Samuel Eto´o was the luxury trainer to lead a session together with the Cameroonian children.
This session was both technical and educational, in which Samuel – with the help of Red Deporte’s instructors – gave what is sure to be the most unforgettable training in the lives of these boys and girls who came from Bertoua.
This unforgettable day was attended by the national sports authorities, representatives of FIFA and many friends of Red Deporte. Samuel told us how he grew up in the world of football and how much this sport has taught him, especially from the hand of «El Capitan» his friend and mentor, player of the laureate Cameroonian football team of the 80s.
We shared a meal together, Samuel’s happy birthday being the highlight and a cake was given to Bibi, one of the girls taking part in our programme who was celebrating her birthday on the same day. Our thanks to Samuel Eto´o and FIFA Legends for this unforgettable initiative.