FC Barcelona Foundation collaboration

More than ever before, the boys and girls from the Red Deporte programs can feel like Messi, Iniesta or Neymar are among them. The FC Barcelona Foundation has been working with Red Deporte through the donation of sports equipment to be used in the programs that we carry out globally through our organization. The prestigious Catalan club has innumerable followers throughout the world, amongst them appearing, as it couldn’t be any other way, a significant proportion of our young people all over the world.

Receiving equipment from Barcelona represents happiness equal to playing for this club for our children. At Red Deporte, we know the importance of having quality equipment for our sporting activities, but above all, we want clubs to see the excitement felt by the kids when they open the boxes of equipment, take off the tags, and handle what they’re going to play with. For all of this, we send our thanks to the FC Barcelona Foundation for their support and generous contribution.