Team Up! Project to support employability through football

Red Deporte, alongside seven other European organizations, is developing a program called “Team Up! for Employability.” The goal of this program is to improve the conditions of socio-employment inclusion for young people in vulnerable situations. Young people who are unemployed and neither possess ample education nor training are colloquially known as “NEETs.” For the majority of NEETs, the challenge of socio-employment inclusion is not so much a problem of technical training but, instead, a lack of ample attitude, motivation, ability to develop skills, and/or personal competency.

The OECD’s latest report explains that there are 20 million young people who have neither worked nor studied, both of which result in very negative consequences on economic and social levels. This collection of young people, all of whom possess low levels of self-esteem as well as no hope in the future, are found virtually outside of the labor market. This profile is usually also associated with low levels of physical activity. Combining moderate exercise and a team building activities, is a good way of creating both physical and emotional renewal.

The tool that we are creating will come into existence in the form of a manual, developed by eight European organizations that work on programs promoting employability through sport.

The tool is going to be supportive in undertaking programs to strengthen competencies such as the ability to communicate, developing the confidence and resilience necessary to overcome the challenges of finding a stable job.

Many NEETs have to overcome mental barriers which are born out of a lack of motivation as well as society’s criticisms, which fail to understand the multiple problems that can stem from growing up in an unstable environment.

Football is an extraordinary tool because of its capacity to transmit and free emotions. Sport creates an environment attractive to the majority of young people. It serves as a link to improve their competencies, abilities and presentation techniques while searching for a job or vocational training programs.

This program is supported by the European Commission. The consortium is made up of Red Deporte, Albion in the Community, Sports for Life, Rhein Flanke, Cais, Sport dans la Ville, Oltalom, Sari and streetfootballworld in the role of the program’s coordinating organization.